Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back in the Chair Again.

I think I might know why I was getting all of those headaches. At first I thought that I had a tooth problem, then I realized that my sinuses were hurting and also draining along with my mouth hurting as well. I have a cold, or some kind of similar virus. Fantastic. I never used to get sick this much, and then all of a sudden my immune system is ridiculous. Oh well. Aside from that the day went very well. I got some writing done. I was actually working on the Tale of 3 Brothers, which when I actually sit down and begin writing it, will be very good I believe. I was working out details of characters, places, and creatures today so I'm a little more organized when I sit down to write the story this time around; it is after all 12 years later. Did some reading and relaxing, and then later on I resumed my In Treatment regimen and began season 2. On some levels I was disappointed, but on some I was pleased. Looks like a good cast, although the patients with their problems seem a little boring and predictable. There's nothing really juicy and dicey, and I think I've already figured out at least one of the patients. Perhaps I'm mistaken and things will get very interesting. Made some gingerbread bread tonight; actually just took it out of the oven early, really early. Thank goodness I caught it in time as it was beginning to show signs of being....shall we say "too done." Always be careful when your oven runs hot; a good rule of thumb may be to never pre-heat when that's the case. I guess I should follow my own advise. I think my headache is blocking the influx of information to my brain, because now I can't think of anything else to write. So in that case, Ciao!

In Treatment Season 2 profile documentary

Clone Wars season 5 clips (The first one is my favorite!)

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