Friday, July 20, 2012

An Agent of Chaos.

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It seems so much of today, and most likely this weekend will revolve around the film The Dark Knight Rises. Whether its about similarities to the problems being presented in the film as parallels as to what is happening politically and financially in the world, or whether psychologically unhinged individuals are stealing the opportunity to indulge their delusions, or just average day to day stuff. So I get up this morning and go see the film and get to the theatre about forty minutes early to the showing that I wanted to see. It was already sold out and it wasn't even 10:30am yet and the showing was for 11am. So I had to wait and see the 11:30am showing instead; I was rather disappointed, but whatever. I wasn't anticipating so many people. i overheard one of the ticket people making a comment that it had been like that all day already and was supposed to continue on in that fashion for the rest of the day. True to form, as I was leaving the theatre after the film was over there was a gargantuan line outside waiting for the next showing and it was about 2:30pm at this time. So yeah, this film was certainly an event that took up a good portion of the day. I enjoyed it, but it is very dark and there are few laughs and light hearted moments. A fantastic cast, a good screenplay, and a fantastic director. If you want it to be more than just entertainment, there is much to think about within the characters and story content of the film. The rest of the day I was playing catch-up and trying not to melt while I did so. Aside from the review of the film, I didn't get any writing done, but I think this week I have done fairly well with all of that. I continued on with week 2 of In Treatment season 2. This was a better week, but it still lacks the punch and excellent drama of the first season. In many regards it is much tamer and therefore boring and uninteresting, but I am hoping that it will pick up soon. I'm going to use The Dark Knight Rises as a segue into world affairs. Syria. Greece. Spain. Occupy Wall Street. The Arab Spring. The European Debt Crisis. The World Economic Slowdown. The U.S. Recession & Bank Bailouts. In the film Selene Kyle states to Bruce Wayne that a storm is coming, and indeed such a violent storm came to Gotham and tore it apart. The news about the future is grim, and an economic apocalypse is likely to happen all across the globe because of the poor economic shape of many countries and the extensive debt that many of them are in. It would be like a domino effect, impacting nation by nation. Cutting benefits and increasing taxes are what many governments are doing while also increasing their country's debt. People will grow weary of a limited amount of people enjoying great wealth or entitlements at their expense. A fire will become ignited by charismatic individuals, or perhaps one, and it will not be a pretty picture for civilized life or government. Read up on the French Revolution if you wish to know what real anarchy is like. Just like in V For Vendetta people will rise up against the government and demand change, perhaps in unison, perhaps in mass chaos and then figure out all of the details later. Public anarchy is very real thing, and the closer the world continues to creep towards an economic apocalypse without solving any of the debt, taxes, or entitlement issues the more likely it will become. If the government won't change, then the people will change the government. It is that simple. History is replete with instances like these, and all of us know how much history likes to repeat itself frequently. I'm not trying to blacken the future, or sound like a conspiracy person, but I am merely writing this to bring people to some sense of what the future could hold if the government doesn't figure it out. I am thinking first and foremost of the United States of America since we have an important election year coming up, but also every single country out in the world; no one is exempt from this potential. The Dark Knight Rises I believe on some level demonstrates/represents in a creative way what could happen to the countries and governments of the world. People should be very concerned about what is happening in their government and country and be kept up to speed on everything that is going on. Okay I'm done, and you have to remember that I'm a "glass is half empty" kind of person. So don't get too downtrodden or depressed or anything like that, just be concerned and conscious of what is going on so you can make wise and informed decisions. Hopefully the governments of the world will do the same thing. If not and all of this happens....well....I have a nice little safe place in the mountains to wait it all out.

The Dark Knight Rises Documentary

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Selection from Han Zimmer's Score (#3: Gotham's Reckoning)

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