Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An "Amazing" Day!

I think I began the day with a bang. I had enough cash to go see an early showing of The Amazing Spider-Man. I have to give myself away here; it was truly amazing. I don't know how many of you enjoyed the previous Spider-Man films, but I did not. I didn't like Tobey Maguire, I didn't like Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane, and I didn't care for the story that much. The story was far better in this adaptation, as was the cast; a million light years in my opinion. The new Spider-Man does not look like it's going to be episodic but rather wrapped around a plot about what happened to Peter Parker's parents, which gives everything that happens quite an edge. I look forward to what the next film will be like, if it is of the same caliber. I highly recommend everyone go see it if they can; Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man made the film. After that and I did a few other things at home, I sat down to finish my children's story outline and power through the climax and finish which I did successfully! I now have a complete story that I can sit down and begin writing the book anytime that I want, and that is exactly what I will begin doing tomorrow; idle hands have no cash on hand, so here's hoping for the best. I really, really like where this story is going and the ironic thing is that I might not have ever written it unless I was fired. Who knows; I read somewhere that you have to fail in life in order to succeed and right now perhaps that is what is happening. I keep telling myself that and hoping; there's nothing else to do besides keep working and job hunting, which is so slow and of course I read in the newspaper today that the economy is slowing down even more. Great; timing is always against me. Well I hope that everyone (at least in the U.S.) enjoys the holiday tomorrow, if not then just the day. It was a very lovely and productive day; I'm actually shocked how much writing I've been getting done lately. Maybe I'll get lucky and that will become my new full time paying job. Everyone pray and send lots of positive energy for that to come true. Ciao!

Documentary on the Spider-Man Suit for The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer

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