Friday, June 29, 2012

"You're Out of Your god-damn Mind!"

Now I know that I am off to a good start. I am actually amazed how quickly the day went by. I actually just finished reading my newspapers, and to say the least there are a lot of terrible and interesting things happening in the world. Here's a sad statistic for you; according to an article that I read by a Turkish journalist, Bashar al Assad has killed over 16,000 of his own people and the United States along with most of the world has done very little to stem the bloodshed. Turkey seems to be the only one giving direct help, a pity the only Superpower in the world is sitting on its hands. Such a shame. I didn't get as much writing done today as I wanted to because I had a friend come over and we watched "Ocean's 11," hence the title of the post. I forgot how much I actually like that film; very clever writing, excellent acting, and directed with stunning....well.....beautiful dynamism ( I think I'm using that word correctly, or rather the tense; isn't the English vocabulary charming). I was able to punch in quite a few hours worth of writing on the new children's book that I am working on, but then I also moved on to something else that I have been wanting to do for a while. I love film music a lot; it is essentially the genre of music that I consistently listen to that is current, aside from a few artists. So today when I was doing a review of The Hunt for Red October film score, I created a new method for reviewing a film score without endlessly blathering on using words to describe what I did and didn't like. I mean honestly when you read a review you're looking for reasons to or to not read, watch, listen, or whatever it may be; you're not looking for a dissertation or essay. I think this process is much easier, and I might even apply a similar method for all of my film reviews eventually. Oh, and I'd like to thank my good friend Victoria (the one who watched the aforementioned above film with me) for the Josh Groban poster that she brought back from seeing him in concert in L.A. I must admit that I was quite jealous; I dislike being strapped for cash, and of course being unemployed. Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about people shooting at me or a bomb going off when I go shopping at Target. Look on the bright side; what the heck else are you supposed to do.

Hymn to Red October from "The Hunt For Red October"

"Poker Scene" from Ocean's 11

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