Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Taste of the Future....

There are some days in life when you get a whole lot of lemonade made from all of the lemons that you've had stockpiling in your kitchen. You see it right next to these words you are reading that I am writing; here the concept design for the latest edition of The Curse of a Warrior. My cover designer sent it to me today and we went back and forth for a little bit on some of the finer details, but I was in a state of bliss when I saw it for the first time. I am more excited than ever to get this book out and get on with my trilogy, and hopefully that is what will happen. Time and patience are not easy pills to swallow, but the medicine does us good more often than we'd like to admit it. I get goosebumps thinking of what the cover is going to look like for the second book, and I think I am already getting some ideas for it. Life does oftentimes suck, but then are times when it is so sweet; I am going to bask in this moment (I already have since it happened earlier in the day) and enjoy it for what it is. A small victory against the odds. The rest of the day was rather anti-climactic to say the least when compared to that development for my trilogy. I got hung up on the computer playing a game for longer than I had anticipated, but it happens. I applied for another job today, see where that goes, and I had a good friend come over and we watched Sucker Punch, which was the first time that she saw it and she loved it of course. Zack Snyder is such an incredible director with such a dynamic visual style; very fresh and modern. I can't wait to see what he's going to do with Superman: Man of Steel, and of course Hans Zimmer will be composing the film score so hopefully he can deliver something fresh and new, but also still retain the musical anchor that John Williams originally created. I am sad to report that Nora Ephron, the woman who directed and wrote films like Sleepless in Seattle and Julie & Julia has died from a fight with cancer. She was a great writer and a great director and her talents will be grievously missed in the film community, and of course the film goers always suffer when what little talent Hollywood possesses gets lost. However, her films and art will live on as long as there people to watch films and enjoy well made films. I'm all backwards since I don't work where I used to anymore, so tomorrow is Wednesday not Tuesday or rather Thursday....you see I'm doing it right now. Anyways. We shall see what the next few days bring, hopefully more good news.

Sleepless in Seattle Trailer (to remember my most favorite Nora Ephron film).

Sucker Punch fight scene

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