Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Step.

Well today I finalized some adjustments to my resume and sent it out to a few places. Wow! That was something to do after being at the same place for over 2 years; you tend to develop a comfort level, which then you find yourself out of and feeling quite vulnerable. But it is at least a step in the right direction, tomorrow I send out the next volley and hope for the best. Being a full time writer I believe is what would make me the happiest, but I may be a while from that happening although I do believe eventually that will happen for me. Then as I am making money from all of my writing I can do therapy for people at no cost, and perhaps even do some teaching at a college would be fun. I am no longer content with just getting by in life, my goals have been set and I know what I want to do and so now I am going to do what I can to go after them. Time and money are the two things against me, but fortunately both of them can be overcome with due diligence and hard work, not to mention some faith. I had lunch with a very good former co-worker of mine and her daughter which was delightful. It's nice to hang out with normal people and children who don't wine and complain about their issues or possess any issues to begin with. I did some writing, but barely touched it for some odd reason. I think if I knew that my writing would make money I would be writing constantly, but since it is at my leisure and only for people who take the time to go out of their way and read it...well it can be difficult to obtain motivation to write. I watched week 4 of In Treatment and boy what a week it was. I finally found out how bad of a therapist the main guy really is; wow! He crossed a line that should never, ever be crossed. What's horrifying is that this television series is representative of real individuals and situations that occur in reality. It's a sad  truth that there are a lot of messed up people out there in the world, and for several of them therapy won't probably help too much. Wow, that was really cynical of me to say. I have to work on that. I don't think that I'll have anything to post for tomorrow on my website, but hopefully I'll be a little further along on some recent projects that I have begun. The weekend is coming for everyone! Except for me since my weekend has been happening since June 11th. My goodness how time flies.

Taken 2 Trailer (looks amazing, but too bad that they had to spoil the whole idea with a sequel. Oh well, perhaps it will actually be good instead of just looking like it.

Judge Dredd Trailer (how bad can bad get? Well watch this and you'll see.)

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