Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Some Realistic Heroes.

So I got up really bright and early this morning and went to my last training session, although traffic at first was heavy it then got excruciatingly heavy due to an accident. It was the most frustrating thing in the world, and then I had really bad traffic on the way back from my training as well; it sucks, and if I never have to drive in that thick of traffic again I will be all too thankful. I think the Transportation Department should design a new type of freeway and highway system, but that would take brains, ingenuity, and problem solving skills which the government does not have. What it does have is money essentially, but that's about it and that is something I do not want our government to spend or take more of. Restraints and evasions are what we went over in my training today, and I am now good for another 3 years. All of the techniques are fresh in my head, along with all of the what not to do things. Since I got Act of Valor yesterday I watched this evening after dinner. It was still as excellent as I remember it and quite enjoyable, not to mention I loved the style in which it was shot; very nice and...and...well I cannot think of a way to accurately describe it at the moment but it was very well done. There were also a lot of good features on the Blu-ray that I didn't get an opportunity to look at yet, but soon enough. Personally when young men or women are looking for heroes or role models to look up to these men and women that were a part of this team fit the bill perfectly. Honorable, decent, kind, intelligent, and humble are just a few of the invaluable traits that they possess let alone their willingness to sacrifice their lives for their fellow soldiers or for their countrymen. It is a shame that they are not given more for what they do and what they give to this country. I recall old times when the military was high prestige in cultures; highest honors, greatest respect, and most of the wealth. Liars, cheaters, narcissistics, self-absorbed fools, and many other such media celebrities who merely act in front of a camera have become the important, and oftentimes dominant figures in our culture. That is a horribly sad happening, and demonstrates how low the United States and dare I say many other countries are morally sinking. Enough of my soap box speech though. It sucks this week that I didn't have a lot of time to write since I was either exhausted, training, or doing other things that I usually do during the week. Hopefully I will be able to do more next week, or perhaps sneak some writing in tomorrow. The second edition of my first book, The Curse of a Warrior, is taking forever and yet again I have  hit another snag with my cover artist this time. I emailed her something rather scathing so we shall see what her reply is tomorrow.

Act of Valor Making of Documentary

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