Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So Much Laziness!!!!!

So yeah the title says it all. Though I did get some writing done. I began writing another Modern War Story and got pretty far with it, but I had to stop because it was beginning to get.....rather dull. So hopefully tomorrow I will pick it up, finish it, and then post it on my website. Today wasn't a complete waste as I did more job searching and found some more interesting prospects, but I'm debating on whether or not I want to go back into the mental health field. It can be a rather taxing field to be in, and honestly I like the idea of never having possible to ever restrain another individual again. Actually the more I think about it, the more I am not going to miss several things that were part of my job. Perhaps this is going to be a really good thing, getting fired and all. The task now will be finding a job that I am equipped to do, and one if possible that I would want to do and not just get stuck with, or have to do simply because I need the money. I found out that in order to deal with problems that suck in life, humor is a great and fantastic way to deal with it all, hence all of the Robot Chicken stuff today. Although some (over half probably) is rather crude, I have to admit that it is very funny and makes me laugh, but that might have something to do with my understanding of Star Wars as well. My friends and family are also helping me through this time, which all combined together might be why I am handling it so well so far, otherwise.....well yeah, maybe not so good without. That first day (Monday) was a difficult one, but I got through it relatively unscathed and so here I am a few days later still standing. Truly I'm not being as productive as I should be, but hey sometimes you work at a pace only your mind sets no matter how much your willpower wants to do something else. Anyways, tomorrow will be similar to today hopefully. I would like to go see Prometheus but I don't know if I want to try and afford it or not. All those tiny little things you have to worry about without a steady income. Hope everyone else's week is going well.

The Escalator
Dinner with Darth Vader
Yarael Poof Get's Pizza
C-3PO Takes Spanish
It's a No Guys
Mon Mothma Orders

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