Saturday, June 2, 2012


Since I now have to be very, very careful what I write concerning my place of employment there is very little to write unfortunately. People are so sensitive, so ridiculous when it comes to reality and life oftentimes. I'm sure though if I say anymore that I'll regret it for some reason. I came back from work and relaxed; nothing new concerning the second edition of my first book, and nothing new concerning my writing. I would like to say though to all of the kids that I have ever worked with that moved on with their lives going all the way back almost four years ago; I hope that each one of you is doing well, and doing what makes you feel happy and free. It wasn't always fun working with you, but in the end it was far more rewarding than anything else. We shall see how much longer I will continue on in this field, but for now it is what I do. Not quite certain where all of that came from, but there ya go. It might have had something to do with a question that I was asked in training the other day that I just happened to reflect upon: "Why am I still doing this job?"

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