Friday, June 15, 2012

Running Away.

I have a theory on why perhaps people really enjoy genres like fantasy, science fiction, and adventure; it is easy to disassociate from reality any of those three. For example in my case, Star Wars encompasses all three of those genres which is why I often throw myself into something having to do with that particular fictional universe. On average reality sucks for most people, otherwise there wouldn't be such things like Facebook, films, or books; people have a need to escape, but for how long and why are the reasons between sanity and addiction. Although I do love a good drama, there is something about watching or participating in something that has no grounds in real life. Perhaps you're transported in a time machine to the ancient American west, or speeding through the cosmos on a massive starship, or casting spells against a demon attempting to steal the prince or princess. In a way therefore for me writing becomes an escape because I create these worlds and any that I would like; there are no limits (although if I want to have a job apparently I cannot write a single thing about my place of employment). That is how I have been surviving this week; I have been mentally escaping to these fantastic worlds where my problems don't exist, and neither do the problems of this world. I don't know if you've been keeping up on current events, but the entire world is about to explode in one colossal, epic, apocalyptic mess. There is trouble everywhere, and this great cloud of fear looming over most of the people of this planet. Now everyone is most likely afraid for different reasons, but most if not all are desiring a way to escape that fear, that pain that gnaws deeply at the psyche. I have found just sitting around and thinking is not good, because...well your mind begins to twist and make things worse than they actually are and before you know it you're doing something that you will end up regretting. I think as we are human it is necessary to escape, albeit healthily, to survive this constant haggling called existence. It could be construed as running away, but let's face it; on average it is far more easier to run away from problems then deal with them head on. I'm not suggesting that people run away from the crap that is occurring in their lives, but it's not easy to face it with or without support, which does make it usually easier to bear. As I mentioned above, this week has been all about escaping from what is happening on inside of my head. I did take some steps today to deal with reality, but they were tiny; can't swallow the whole whale in one sitting. I was watching the Clone Wars wishing that Star Wars was real today, which I'm not certain if being in the center of a galactic war would be better than where I currently am, but the thrill of being elsewhere with new possibilities and new adventures was exhilarating to contemplate. How many people wouldn't prefer to have a clean slate somewhere else and start over without any of the troubles and difficulties that they had before. However, then you wake up and realize that all of that is impossible and that you have to face reality and deal with your problems or become a victim of your own inaction and failures. Our problems and suffering (should at least) help us grow wiser and stronger and prepare us for the future so that we may help others who have similar difficulties. Eventually with time we look back on our previous trials and sometimes smile, and perhaps are even grateful that they happened to us otherwise we would not be the people that we are. See what happens when I don't have a job; I think too much and then write too much. Well I'm not certain if any of that made any sense up there, but I found that writing also helps me cope regardless what I am writing about, so there I did something therapeutic; I shared my feelings with the entire world. Please be kind and don't fire me from the universal internet community. My attempt at sounded funny somewhat in my head. Hey you have to make light of the crap going on, otherwise...well it makes things easier to talk about. Anyhow. I think I have endlessly yacked enough for today. Needless to say I didn't get any writing done; it was difficult to focus my creative energies constructively. Ciao!

Puff The Magic Dragon (here's a little bit of escaping for you; I grew watching this).

"Once in Every Lifetime" by Jem (I felt that it in a way was a bit of a pep talk for me).

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