Friday, June 1, 2012


Today I didn't have my usual work day, instead I had training where I was reviewing and renewing my certification in the crisis intervention program that my facility uses which is called Pro-ACT (I can't remember at the moment what the acronym stands for). I must say that it isn't my most favorite system of crisis intervention but it works for what I have do and where I have to do it at. It helps that I have a very good instructor. That pretty much took up most of my day, and then I came home and caught up with some stuff having to do with the second edition of my first book, and then I ordered pizza and watched some Star Trek followed by some reading. I finished Darth Bane: A Dynasty of Evil, which if you know something about the Star Wars expanded universe and especially the Sith then you will understand that how much of a geek I suddenly find myself talking about this. Anyways. I am going to get some sleep and prepare myself for tomorrow's work. Sadly there wasn't any time or really desire to write, but that isn't uncommon on days that I work. happy June first by the way!

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