Saturday, June 23, 2012

One Week Left.

At first I was surprised to see that June was here so quickly, but now with only one week of June left I cannot believe that July is almost here. Regardless of what happens time never seems to stop or even pause for just a teeny, tiny bit unfortunately. Today was...well today was....less than productive I suppose one could put it and I think that I will leave it at that. One of the annoying things about writing for me is that I like the creating and designing process, but when it get's time to actually sit down and write that's when I begin to get lazy and unmotivated. I still think that if I knew that my writing was going to make me profit in some way that would help get me motivated to write more, but at the moment that is an unrealistic point of view. After I post this I might do some writing due to some inspiration today, although I might rearrange the furniture in the living room so my back isn't against the wall of the adjoining neighbors and my sound system and television are instead. Perhaps that will help drown out the shouting and tromping of elephants. Well, perhaps tomorrow I will feel like doing more. Won't keep my fingers crossed though, might as well partially enjoy not being a full time employee while it lasts.

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