Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Harsher Law's for Parole Violaters....."

"...And World Peace." If you have never seen the comical film Miss Congeniality starring Sandra Bullock then you are missing a real treat. There is nothing like coming home after dealing with stress for a good part of the day and watching something that is completely humorous with very little basis in reality, or any basis in reality. I highly recommend that film and most films that Sandra Bullock has starred in, whether or not they're comical or drama. Work went very, very well today and wasn't that stressful at all; God was quite good to me in that regard. The client that punched me in the face multiple times yesterday along with clawing, spitting, kicking and such stuff apologized to me today; he just walked right up to me and said that he was sorry. I was cool with it, even though I was very surprised that he was apologizing of his own volition (or at least that is what it seemed like). When he's calm he appears to be a very kind and enjoyable individual, but I suppose that is your average individual in the world mostly. I'm going to take a leap into "what if" territory for a few moments and hopefully everyone will think about it with a clear mind and not allow themselves to get....offended or angry. If the western powers knew that Adolf Hitler was committing mass genocide, would they have invaded Europe sooner, would they have invaded Europe if Hitler hadn't gone to war with anyone to prevent millions of people from dying? I unfortunately don't have an answer to that, but for what Assad is doing in Syria he definitely needs to be removed from power. Like Hitler, nothing but forcible removal via military action will work; there are some people who just can't be reasoned with, which is how most dictators are. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why there was so much war during the dark ages in Europe. I really hope the world get's off it's lazy backside and does something besides threaten to impose sanctions and "get very concerned" and "angry;" the people of Syria deserve more than that. Well work week is half over; let's see if I can avoid anymore physical injury or assault.

Miss Congeneiality "World Peace" Clip

Miss Congeniality Trailer

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