Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day.

Yes today is the day that we celebrate the joy of having men as fathers around, although there are many that don't really stick around unfortunately. I am going to remain positive though and not drop into my cynical point of view on many matters of life. Congratulations to all of you good father's out there; you really haven't a clue how important you are to your children, and their development into healthy adults in all respects. Invest in them and you will be rewarded; do nothing, and well....don't be surprised if things go unpleasantly. Today was a gargantuan waste of time for me end of story. I thought about writing, but I am having too much doggone fun doing a whole lot of nothing, but I suppose that I should get my rear in gear tomorrow and move on with life otherwise I'll have some really huge problems in the near future. I hung out with a good friend for a little bit of time and she made the most delicious lunch/dinner and we watched A League of Their Own which stars Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, Rosie O'Donnell, and Madonna. Great movie, really humorous and a good story to boot. The rest of the evening I read the newspaper and watched Law & Order, however another thing that I recently found on Youtube is an original show that they have produced I believe, or something to that extent. It stars Julia Stiles and is called Blue; it's fairly intense and gritty, almost like it belongs on a premium cable channel, but it is very interesting and I like the short format. I posted some of them below. It's amazing what you can find on Youtube these days. It's most likely the future of all media watching; it should be interesting to see how many of the big boys jump on the bandwagon.

"Blue" Episode 1

"Blue" Episode 2

"Blue" Episode 3

"Blue" Episode 4

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