Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Give me Your Heart....

...My Dear Snow White." So today I went and saw Snow White & The Huntsman and it was only mildly entertaining. What do I have to say but that I almost fell asleep and that I wanted to have a remote to push fast forward through a number of scenes that dragged the film along, especially at the middle and towards the end. Charlize Theron was perfectly amazing and the best part of the entire film, and dwarves were the next best things; sadly the film wasn't about either of those individuals. Kristen Stewart as Snow White = flat, dull, and surprise surprise "awkward." I gave the film an "Admirable" rating, but I found Battleship more entertaining and engaging than this film, which is very, very sad. If you watch it then enjoy it. After watching ze film I did some grocery shopping and did some other things very boring. I made the most sensational tacos for dinner, and then I watched the season 2 finale for Game of Thrones and talk about expectations for certain things of cinema falling flat, that was how I thought of the season finale for the show. Umm...where to begin. I was surprised that there wasn't any sex in this episode which was about the only pleasant surprise the episode had. Most of it was tying up loose ends, which was done very choppily, and preparing the audience for season 3, which hopefully will get more accomplished then this past season did. I did come away with one thing though; the two characters that I care the most about and are the most interested in their stories are Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. Everyone else for the most part are stupid and invite trouble because of their actions, those two have crap happen to them because of other's actions. I really hope both of them pound their enemies in the next season. The last shot of this season had us looking at a giant army of White Walkers (dead people and creatures brought back to life somehow), and so we shall see how this army invades the land of Westeros. Not a bad season overall, but I would have put all of the story lines together a lot more differently. Well more training for work tomorrow fun, fun, fun. I hope that an average amount of people are enjoying the month of June.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Trailer. A corny, coming of age story about some teenagers. Looks somewhat interesting, although I don't know about the target audience.

The Bourne Legacy Trailer. Looks surprisingly good, but I'll save final judgment for when I actually see it. Many times the trailer looks better than the actual film.

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