Friday, June 22, 2012

Food Fit for a King.

So today I did laundry, job hunting, and some apartment work. I was surprised how much time it took me to do some job hunting. That's what I dislike about job hunting; it's almost like you're wasting time, but then it is necessary to obtain a job and so that's what you have to do. I found some good prospects and sent off my resume, and now I wait and continue to look; how boring. I didn't get any writing done because frankly I didn't want to do any; just couldn't get the motivation for whatever reason. I guess I should continue to work on that. Had a good friend come over and we watched The Young Victoria which was awesome, and I made us chicken fajitas which also were amazing. I got to explore the "farmer's market" for the first time today and it was interesting; the people seemed to be very friendly. My friend and I got some fresh produce there and it tasted pretty darn good. After the film we had a long conversation about history, religion, friends,  movies and other such things. It was lovely. While I was walking her to her vehicle we came across a skunk, which we carefully avoided and it thankfully did the same for us. On the average it was a fairly boring day, but perhaps tomorrow will be different. Who knows. Don't feel like yacking much today so we'll call it quits and move onto something else. Have an awesome weekend everyone.

The Young Victoria Trailer

Emily Blunt Interview

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