Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Fall of a Republic.

When Octavian Caesar defeated Marc Antony and Queen Cleopatra at the battle of Actium and then later on  at the siege of Alexandria both of those iconic figures killed themselves: Marc Antony stabbed himself in the chest, and Cleopatra had a snake bite her in the breast. With the defeat of those two Octavian became the undoubted emperor of all Rome and ushered in the Pax Romana, although according to the series it came at a very high price. Obviously it wasn't very easy for Octavian to become emperor, but Rome stayed that way for the next 500 years, so whatever he did he made it last for a very, very long time and even after Rome's fall the Byzantine (eastern Roman empire) lived on until 1453 C.E. (or thereabouts). he created a powerful empire that has been attempted to be reproduced by several men, all of whom failed miserably, aside from carving their wicked names in the annals of history. With all of that done the HBO series Rome is officially over after 2 seasons. Was it good? Umm........well there were several parts of it that I found quite enjoyable. The vulgar, and debauched sex I found rather repulsive, and I wasn't a big fan of two of the main characters but fortunately one of them died and the other one survived, which I could live with him enduring into history so to speak. Would I watch it again? Not unless I could edit out all of the parts that I didn't like, which would be most of them. I liked the stories of Julius Caesar and Octavian along with all of the politics that surrounded them; they should have focused the show more around them and their families instead of two Roman soldiers, but whatever. It's an okay series, but you won't grieve going into the next life if you never see it, but it is an interesting window into the past society and culture, that is if it is a realistic depiction which it seemed as close at they could get it as I watched the documentaries that came with the episodes. Huh....I didn't really do anything else of any interest today. Oh I did hear back from my cover designer (the one I sent the scathing email to) and she too what I said well enough and is going to begin working on an original cover ASAP thank goodness.  On my political soap box for a moment. Kofi Annan is going to try and convince Russia and China to help dispose of Assad in Syria as another mass killing of civilians (women & children) is brought to light, and of course U.N. observers were fired upon when trying to investigate the situation. This is the resolve of a man who refuses to leave power. So naturally of course instead of militarily removing him from power, Kofi Annan and the U.N. are content to keep yacking their heads off while more innocent people die as Russia and China defiantly continue to thwart any action that will remove Assad from power. Let me go on record stating that the Chinese government is a vicious dictatorship run by people that suppress it's people, you don't have to look any further then the anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Massacre; if you are not familiar with that look it up on Youtube. Russia is run by a leader and select men of power that rig elections and intimidate people so that they can remain in power, and who knows if this man who has ties to the KGB. Both groups of power are afraid if another dictatorship is toppled that they might be next, so thus they are allowing people to die. It all sucks and those people in Syria especially have my sympathy and prayers, but lets not forget those individuals in China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Myanmar (even though they're making strides towards democracy). Let us hope that more democracies will be rising instead of falling like they did over two thousand years ago.

Rome Documentary on Marc Antony & Octavian

Star Wars documentary on all 6 films and the ethos and mysticism that surround them. Looked great, and I love Star Wars so here it is.

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