Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busy & Fast.

And no the title of this blog isn't referring to anything...well, never mind about that. I for some reason suddenly feel quite tired although considering I haven't worked at a full time job for over a week I really don't have much of an excuse. I actually just finished writing another short story for my Modern War Story series The Sword and the Shield: Risking Everything. It ended up being longer and taking longer to finish than I had anticipated, but it was for the best. I have finally reached a plateau in the series where I begin to tie all of the story lines together and weave them into a successful climax, which I believe will be quite spectacular if you have been keeping track of the series. FYI if you haven't read this whole series or need a little bit of a refresher it might be best to read this story The Sword and the Shield: Blood and Peace before reading the one above, otherwise it might be just a little confusing. However, I think they stand alone fairly well; if you want background though before diving in the option is there. I also made some delicious chocolate chip cookies which look like they turned out fairly well despite my evil oven that runs ridiculously hot. I did some job hunting and some associates of mine suggested a few places to apply at which was awesome; good people and good friends are difficult to come by, and so far I seem to be doing quite well in that department thankfully. I made myself dinner and cleaned up the kitchen; so the latter part of the day was very, very productive while the first part was lazy. I guess it was a trade-off. I watched quite a few episodes from The Clone Wars and there was this one very powerful and cool character that said something I found amusing and insightful; "Men are easy to acquire, but hard to control." I wonder if that is true in reality, or just within the Star Wars realm? Anyways it provided a lovely distraction, and perhaps I can eventually get myself to watch full feature films again instead of watching television shows and doing nothing but thinking. Luckily today was better than yesterday, but there are still a fair few raw emotions that don't really want to go away yet. Oh there is something that I would like to bring to everyone's attention; if you enjoy the freedom of the world wide web and dislike government interference and "big brother" like behavior from the government then you should be made aware of something many countries of the worlds are attempting to do. A lot of countries, especially ones that are centered around dictators and individuals yearning for that ultimate power, are attempting to create a body within the U.N. that would regulate the entire internet for the entire world. Each member get's a vote and a say, but there are others that are pushing very fervently for the U.N. to create greater control over things like email and social networking, therefore preventing what happened in Egypt, Syria, and Iran to happen to them or in a more unified and calculated attempt. Right now a private non-profit does all of the internet stuff which is how it should remain; governments should stay out of such things. I don't know everything about the matter and will keep you all posted as I learn stuff, but one thing is for certain. He who controls the internet in the future will control the entire world and everyone who is a part of that network no matter how small. That makes me very nervous and concerned.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in the upcoming film called Maleficent. I'm kind of excited about this one, since I loved that classic Disney villain, and now she get's her own film! Hopefully nobody screws it up.

The Clone Wars "Mother Talzin & Count Dooku"

The Master Trailer (looks weird, but interesting. Should be fascinating to see Joaquin Phoenix act again).

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