Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Big Things Have Small Beginnings."

I finally saved up enough of my pennies to go see Prometheus, and although I didn't get to see it in 3-D or on an epic size screen it was still pretty amazing to see. I enjoyed the film and gave it a high rating (Strong Ability). I you liked Alien and Aliens then you'll more then love this film, which is an edition to the Alien story, although it functions more the way a prequel would. It answers some questions but raises many more, which I think is good as it leaves the audience wondering and having them use their imagination more then if everything was explained and told. Perhaps Ridley Scott has more Alien films in him yet. There is one story element that I loved most of all, and that was his explanation of how the human race was created. I loved that idea, as I was thinking of something similar to that myself when an idea for a story came to me a couple weeks ago. Whether or not it is true, it definitely makes for good theory and a good story/plot. That wasn't the whole day though; I did get a bit of writing done and am almost to the halfway point to the new story that I am writing. After tomorrow I should be well on my way to the climax hopefully if I push myself. A little fun fact that I want to share with ya'll is a headline I saw on Remember how I said people seem to be more concerned with their own personal desire and selves that they could care less about what is happening over in China, Syria, North Korea? Well when you have a 90,000 square foot house I think you're overdoing it just a tad. When completed it will be the largest home in the United States; the stats on the production of this house are staggering: 160 windows that cost $4 million, imported white marble from Italy (which the entire house will be covered in), 20 car garage, wine cellar for 20,000 bottles of wine, and a stained glass window. Unfortunately, it hasn't been completed because the owners ran out of money (big surprise), but these people really put the "glut" in American selfishness. Now I don't think people should be told what to do with their money, or ordered how to spend it, but come on, use some common sense. Who really needs a house like that, unless you were the emperor of China seven hundred years ago.

Prometheus Scene (didn't appear in theatrical version, but still very interesting).

Prometheus Documentary

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