Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again.

So last night after I finished blogging I actually did write quite a bit, up until almost midnight. I acquired this fantastic idea for a children's book and so now I am writing the rough outline for it, which is what I wrote last night, and most of today as well. It is actually coming along splendidly well, and I am going to try and write the rough outline and then shop it around at publishers. I was told that Shakespeare couldn't write unless he was under pressure, or had a need to write; perhaps it is the same with me. Or I'm thinking in my head that since I have the extra time, why waste it by doing nothing. I will still look for full time work (and did today as well) but why not try this avenue as well, perhaps I'll get lucky. Children's books after all are in, and publishers are looking for the next "Harry Potter" so who knows; might as well go for it. It gives me something to do, and exercises my talents as a writer too so it's a win-win. There is also something quite satisfying to do some serious writing again; none of this short story or episodic stuff, which is great don't get me wrong, but there is nothing like writing and developing an entire book from scratch. I love it. Umm....aside from that, which I did for a combined....oh let's see.....six hours or so I think, my day was uneventful. I set up some stuff with Google for the adsense you guys see on my blog (thank you for clicking on any ads you come across on my blog or website). I watched Week 6 of In Treatment and it was wow, but not as wowing as Week 5. There was one major surprise, but the rest were all rather....stupid I suppose is the word that I am looking for. I suppose that isn't very therapeutic for me to say as a psych person, but hey some of these characters are quite ridiculous when it comes to their problems. Some of it I can understand, but then...well not so much. I am certainly looking forward to see how they end out the rest of the season, and if any of the same people will carry over to the next season. You know how I get on my soapbox and talk about Syria, well I'm going to mention a different issue tonight. I was reading the Wall Street Journal from today and read an article about a Chinese woman who was forced to abort her 7 month old baby because of the "One Child Policy" that the Chinese government uses to keep their people in check (politically and physically). She was treated with a lot of hostility for sharing this with the foreign press, her husband has disappeared, and she has been forced to remain in the hospital for a month. I think the U.S. Government and every other "civilized" country in the world needs to address the human rights violations that this country is perpetrating, instead of turning a blind eye just because they're rich and powerful so that the rich and powerful can get into the proverbial bed with China's economy and wealth. That stinks, especially for the people in China who get their rights trampled all over just because they want to have more than one child. I really hope people don't overlook what China is just because of what it offers, because if we do as people ignore that, then my god where is the human race headed for.

In Treatment a Closer Look at Tuesday Patient "Alex"

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