Monday, June 11, 2012

Apologies & Regrets.

I have been thinking for a good portion of the day about how I was going to write the post for today, and still I remain uncertain but here it goes. Today I was given an opportunity to find something new in life to do as I was "let go" from what was my current position at my now former place of employment. It was very sudden, and unfortunately the problem began here on my blog. Due to my comments about what happened to me and what I experienced at my place of employment which I would write out to my knowledge in a way that protected the identities of individuals about whom I was writing about I was fired. It was my mistake to write what I did and I apologize to anyone that I hurt, angered or irritated. I regret what I wrote, although I disagree with how the company that employed me went about dealing with the matter. It was a very emotional day, and very difficult to deal with the many emotions and other thoughts that come with losing something like this. I worked at this job for two and a half years approximately, many of the staff and clients had become like family and all of that was taken away from me in a matter of minutes. It makes me sad to think about it, and especially sad and worried about the several previous clients that I had formed close relationships with that now don't even get to say goodbye to me or I them. When my manager and assistant manager sat me down and told me the bad news, my head felt numb and it was as if I was falling backwards away from the conversation. I felt tingly and completely caught off guard; I wasn't talking to anyone, and time went by really fast, yet slow. I looked at places I had seen a hundred times that I would never see again. I walked out that front door with my supervisor for the final time and drove off. I'm kind of a nostalgic person so that clearing out your locker and leaving, it always gets me (although I didn't say goodbye to anyone as I didn't think it would be a good idea). I am looking for the silver lining in all of this, which I am certain there is one; God always takes care of me no matter the situation or magnitude of the problem. I hope for all of the best for all of the previous clients that I worked with up to today, and I will miss them (like I am suddenly already). I will also miss working with some of the finest Child Care Workers the world has ever known. Very few people know what we deal with or what we go through at our job, and I endeavored to show a little taste of that here on my blog, apparently though that was my mistake. Child Care Workers are heroes; heroes that are showed and given nothing for all of the hard work and pain they endure to make life safer for the general populace and for the "special" populace as well. So there it is, hopefully I didn't write anything offensive, mean, unprofessional, or demeaning as that was not nor is my intention. Now, the rest of the day I was kind of laying around my apartment trying to calm myself down. I distracted myself with a little bit of Frasier and I talked to some people which helped me cope with my anxiety and depression. I got the first disc for season 1 of the show In Treatment from Netflix today and it looks very promising so far. Can't say very much about it so far since each episode is barely 30 minutes long, but as a psych person I'm highly intrigued. I later on did some job hunting and found some interesting, if not amusing prospects. Well, the future holds a great deal and I am almost free to choose any path that I desire. For that I suppose I should be very grateful. We shall see though how things go. And I hope that most of everyone else's Monday went better than mine.

In Treatment Documentary/Trailer (on one of the couples for season 1)

"Mad World" Music Video from Donnie Darko (it seemed to fit for today in some way.)

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