Wednesday, June 27, 2012


You know yesterday I mentioned all of that chat about making lemonade from lemons (a little phrase one of my former psych professors from college used a lot, and wisely so) and seeing the light in the tunnel or something to that extent. Well all of that excitement and hype can have fallout like caffeine withdrawal, but I'm not saying that today was crap, but good news always does seem to help make the crap feel not much like crap. It is easier to remain on the top of the mountain then live from beyond it. Today I once again had to face reality that I was currently unemployed and trying to obtain another job, although I may begin to lose my picky nature when it comes time for looking. After all I have enjoyed my independent living so far, I'd hate to lose it just because picky nature. Aside from all of that lovely job hunting and doing nothing, I did get some writing done today. I completed another story for The Sword and the Shield: Sifting Through the Lies. As I continue to write the series I continue to get close to the climax, which I guarantee will surprise anyone, to an extent depending on how much you've read or know about writing, or in particular how I write. Now if I can just finish all of the episodes before November than the timeline for the story will be perfect. I've had other things swirling around inside of my head for stories, but I would sadly never have enough time to write about them all even if writing was my full time job, and even at my own discretion. I made myself some delicious salmon, vegetables, potatoes, and then for dessert I made myself some lemon poppy-seed muffins; I cannot describe how scrumptious they taste fresh and warm directly out of the oven. Well I'm going to attempt to get some more writing done and ignore my loud, rude and obnoxious neighbors; I have to wear headphones to block out the noise. I suppose I should do something about that. I hope that everyone's week is wrapping up nicely.

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