Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Your Average Boring Day.

I wouldn't go so far to say that I was perpetually lazy all day, but I suppose that would fit the description of most of my activity for today. In the evening I went to have dinner with some co-workers, and Jill made the best meatballs, salmon, and pork, with some fantastic salad and bread sticks. The only thing that I didn't care for was the wine, but I don't really drink wine or alcohol at all as I prefer sparkling grape juice. Then I got back and began watching the 2nd season of Rome. It seems as if Caesar's death had a huge effect on people and therefore all of the wretched, villainous scum responsible for killing him are getting their reward. I think that I wanted to get some writing done, but then I didn't and then it was time for the day to move on. There is tomorrow, so long as I don't allow myself to get distracted. I need to work on pacing my pleasure with my writing. I wish I could bore you with more details of my day, but as the words implied it would bore you, and unless you want to fall asleep while you read it not very practical. So instead of yacking on about something, I will say goodnight and good luck. Oh some irritating movie news is that G.I. Joe: Retaliation is getting postponed until March of next year because they are reformatting all of it in 3-D. I think it's a really stupid decision but whatever it's their money to be stupid with.

The Great Gatsby Trailer. It looks interesting to say the least, and it is very obvious that Baz Luhrmann directed it. We shall see.

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