Thursday, May 3, 2012

War Stories Anyone?

At one point during the day I found myself finished with everything that I wanted to do, and dare I say that I might have been somewhat bored, or rather wanting something to do that I hadn't done yet that day. Needless to say the television show Frasier filled the gap for a while, but before that I had been finishing up that Modern War Story The Sword and The Shield: Freedom's Spark. Now, about this story. I based on my thoughts, interpretations, guesswork, and ideas about how the violence is occurring in Syria between those loyal to Assad and the rebels against him and his tyrannical regime. I think I captured the brutality of the conflict well enough, and the fighting as well. I tried to come at the reasoning for why the Syrian rebels and people believe they aren't getting any help western powers or really from their own neighbors from perhaps their own perspectives. I don't know how close I was in accuracy, but this bloody conflict is real although it is thousands of miles away taking place. People are getting slaughtered everyday, and someone isn't saying good morning to their beautiful daughter, or their energetic and brash son before he goes to school. How many husbands and wives have buried their spouses, and how many families have been annihilated. I am getting on my soap box and saying that something should be done about this mess; Assad needs to be booted off his throne and punished for the crimes he has committed. My writing of this story is the only way I know how to help besides praying; I believe I should make people aware of what is happening over and perhaps if enough people become aware then something might happen. If cowards and people pleasers have their way, then nothing will happen. I feel very strongly about this matter, and firmly believe that freedom should be something all people should be able to pursue and hopefully embrace. My celebration of the 5th of November is at the core of this very issue now happening in Syria. If your government was doing the things that Assad was doing, wouldn't you want to get rid of it and put a better one in place, and wouldn't you want some help doing that if you were outnumbered? There it is people; I hope you think about the matter at least and just not pass it by. Dictators and power control freaks love naive, uneducated, and uninformed people; they're so easy to manipulate. Don't let that happen to you. And yes, that can even happen in grand old free country of the United States of America. The rest of my days was boring, although I did have a fantastic conversation with my sister Paula. We chatted about Game of Thrones and I told her my theory of how it's all going to end; I won't share it here so I don't spoil it, and but I think my prediction will be fairly accurate overall if not in detail. Tomorrow work resumes, and it is also a very special day. International Star Wars Day! Be certain to celebrate by watching something with Star Wars in. lately I've been watching a lot of Star Wars Robt Chicken on Youtube, and the one I've posted below really makes me laugh.

Robot Chicken: Tested On Dagobah

Robot Chicken: Yo Mamma Fight

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