Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today's Lesson.

Oddly enough it was a semi-eventful day without me even leaving my apartment. I won't share the details of the events that unfolded, but I will say that I came away with some important knowledge and experience. When you write something online for possibly every single person in the entire world to read, you had better make certain that it isn't something you'll regret sharing. Also, if you want to speak your mind as stuff comes to you without a filter then a journal or diary would be a better option. Lastly of course (I should know better where this is concerned) be very, very, very carefully sensitive when writing about your place of employment. So as The Animaniacs would say, "Wheel of Morality turn, turn, turn show us the lesson that we should learn. And today's lesson is: be careful what you write.....until you become powerful and famous enough to where you don't have to care about every little complaint about your work. As for the picture attached to the post, I thought that it was quite pertinent to what I experienced and felt today in a metaphoric sense, and I also really thought that it was cool. Aside from all of that, I was able to get a good bit of writing done today and I actually finished another in my series of The Sword and the Shield: Blood Thickest In Black. This story is rather different in it's style and approach. There is a lot of dialog from one person, almost like long monologues, but considering the individual may think he is a demagogue I suppose that it is fitting. Once more, I am attempting to cover multiple angles in who is affected in war. Soon I will begin to tie all of the stories and characters together, that's going to be a lot of fun, and work but it should be worth it in the end. I am very proud of myself today as I cooked salmon fillets and they turned out very well for my first time. Aside from those few bumps in the road it was a rather boring day, hopefully all of you had a better day or just a good day. Only one day left in May! Then summer really begins.

The Animaniacs "The Wheel of Morality."

The new Les Miserables film trailer. It is a musical, so it should be interesting especially with the cast that it has.

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