Sunday, May 6, 2012

Screaming Surprises & 600th Post!

I have reached the 600 post! Wow. Time flies and I continue to write despite all of the challenges that come my way, and the blog is doing fantastic and reaching a great international audience. Thank you all who read and partake in the worlds which I create and retell for your amusement, thought provocation, or whatever else. On with the day. Despite being sick still I worked today despite not feeling very well, but what can you do. It started out fairly well and overall, aside from the heavy congestion that I am dealing with and had throughout the day, ended well except for one moment. But I'll get to that. There was this group of people that came to do stuff with the SED's that periodically comes throughout the year, and one of my former college professors and her daughter were there. It was great to see the professor that taught me a good deal about research in relation to public speaking along with many other things as well. It's good to know quite a few people in a given area of different views, careers, and walks of life. The incident that poured on my parade was quite extreme. This one SED was being a little loud, and so this little girl that has a room next to his politely and kindly asked him if he could be quiet. He refused and said he shouldn't have to do anything that a little girl tells him to do, and based off of that he began tantrumming, yelling, screaming, throwing stuff around and at me. However, when I went to take some sort of weapon away from him and then turned my back to leave the room he screamed right directly into my ear and I reacted in a somewhat equal manner. To say the least, he didn't like that, and began attacking me with punches and kicks galore; he even took his belt off and tried to use it like Indiana Jones, but I quickly tossed that aside. He tried to smother himself with his mattress, said he hated the whole world, hated and despised girls and women vehemently and that he would hurt and kill all of them, and that he would rather be dead and or in prison then right there with me. That was a very tense hour I was with him. Eventually though he calmed down and had a very good rest of the evening. To say that I am mentally and physically exhausted would be an underestimation. Good night, and be very thankful if you don't have to deal with crazy people for a living or for your life.

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