Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Need Some Help?

It was mostly a relaxing and pleasant day. Only at the end as I heard the neighbor children screaming and romping around like wild elephants did my head begin to ache. So, some interesting news that I discovered a few hours ago. That Chinese dissident that I was harping on about now for a few days has been discovered and yes he was at the U.S. embassy but had to leave to go to the hospital for medical help. There are two stories so far that are very different from each other; Chen Guangcheng's story and the U.S. State Department's story (and of course these people are so renown for their honesty). I'm going to post the video that I watched below, but something is definitely up and I highly doubt Mr. Guangcheng will ever be free again or his family for that matter if any of them survive over the next year. This could be a very, very sad moment for the U.S. State Department which I believe reflects President Obama's leadership, and the leadership of his cabinet. I will let the American people judge for themselves what it may reflect though, despite my not so veiled sarcasm and barbs. Now. I was able to get a good bit of writing done with another Modern War Story despite not being able to finish it tonight. When I am done though, I think it will be a rather good one and it of course puts into...creative words a soap box that I have been on for a while lately. I made myself some dinner and sat down to watch The Help, which was an incredible film. As I was watching it a number of things popped into my head like, "wow, I can't believe women used to act like that," or "dear God, how could women dress like that," I mean for pete's sake they looked like fluffy Easter eggs. I also wanted to vomit a number of times when they were talking amongst each other; how despicable and lowly, and of course some things haven't changed at all, only the direction at which they are pointed now. I could go on and on about this film all of the underlying themes it possesses, but first and foremost it was a great film and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. See it if you haven't, and see it again if you have. I got so many smile and laughs it just made my night, and of course there were the occasional tear or two. A gripping, emotional, and humorous story that could touch any thawed and caring heart; for those of you who are either too perfect or too racist to enjoy it, well bummer for you. There it is. Now time for some tea I think and to finish the Wall Street Journal. Interesting anecdote; half of Britain's parliament deemed Rupert Murdoch unfit as a CEO of News Corp. (which owns The Wall Street Journal and 20th Century Fox). The British certainly are very....straightforward.

The Help Trailer

(couldn't find the video, but there is the link; hopefully it will work.)

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