Friday, May 4, 2012

May The Force Be With Us All.

Happy International Star Wars day! It would have even been a more fantastic day if I hadn't have worked, and if I wasn't sick and coming down with something dreadful. I have been stuffing myself with water and tea all day long and feeling like I've had a fever, sleepy constantly, fatigued, and just plain blah. By contrast to some of the other things I have been writing about on this blog my woes are trivial, but they are....woeish nonetheless. Work went well despite an SED shouting at me for 40 minutes that he wanted something he knew he couldn't have, but yet he kept it up. I had to restrain myself from going to the darkside of the Force; many are lucky Star Wars is simply a fictional work that many wish was real, rather than they other way around. So aside from the many cups of water and tea that I drank, I also celebrated this....festive occasion by watching Revenge of the Sith. Friends try to kill each other, and a dictatorship rises out of a republic; sounds rather fitting for world events as of late I think, and of course it was the last of the films so I think it was a good fit for today. It sounded fantastic on my new sound system, fabulous on my blu-ray player (and no I do not have the films on that format; I'm waiting for them to come out in 3-D and then I will get them), and on my lovely big wide screen television it was quite a lengthy, wonderful escape from reality. See what you can earn by putting up with severely emotionally disturbed children for over three years. Hopefully I can squash this bug that I have acquired, and try to avoid getting sick which has been happening much more frequently since I traveled to Montana last year; very weird, could be a horror film in that, or perhaps even a conspiracy story. The Avengers was released into theatres today, and sadly I will not be able to see it until Tuesday, but I will be looking forward that much more to it. I am hoping all of the hype and wait will be justified by the film's ability to entertain, and I hear there are a couple of surprises at the end of the credits. That's the day. Now I am going to take a lot of legal drugs and go and get some sleep. All of you have a fantastic weekend, and remember to keep in mind one of the lessons of Revenge of the Sith: "So this is how liberty dies; with thunderous applause."

A Hero Falls Music Video

Some Star Wars humor for your celebratory day.

Robot Chicken: Weapons Malfunction

Robot Chicken: Panda's Bad Day

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