Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Last Sunday of May!

Day by day May keeps inching closer to being over with finally. This month is like a dead dog that refuses to die, at least from my life perspective. Christopher Lee turned 90 years old today! He's really getting up there in age, yet he can still act wonderfully. Perhaps he'll live long enough for me to have him cast in a fictional work of mine brought to cinematic life, which would be an incredible dream of mine. Who knows. The reason why I didn't write anything yesterday was because I was busy finishing catching up watching Game of Thrones. I have therefore concluded that the second season is far better than the first, and that the producers of the show realized that everyone likes Tyrion the most and thus he got more screen time, as did Rob Stark who I am liking more as I like John Snow less. Lots of surprises and twists. Work went well both days that I can remember aside from the occasional tantrum. Nothing was thrown at me, and there wasn't any biting or spitting. I do have an interesting story about one SED claiming that this other SED was flashing him her breasts and then stating that if he flashed her his penis then she would give him some chips. Boy is 9, Girl is 11; she denied the allegations, and the boy likes to lie a lot. Paperwork was filed, but I have doubts about the boy's story; he likes the attention, and he doesn't really care for the girl. Fortunately though it didn't happen on my shift. Those of you who aren't working, I will remember you as I slave away trying to keep crazy children from going nuts since their families aren't showing up on this holiday.

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