Thursday, May 17, 2012

"I'm a Good Girl I am...."

I think for the first time in my entire life, I sat down and watched all of My Fair Lady which of course starred Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. I looked it up and was surprised a little bit to see how many Oscars it had won back when it debuted well over half a century ago. Of course it is based I believe off of Oscar Wilde's work "Pygmalion" and it certainly has his touch all over it especially in his presentation of the men and British society as a whole. Even though "The Picture of Dorian Gray" was a difficult read, it was quite interesting and delightful at the same time. Enough of that though for now. I had a lovely morning breakfast with a good associate and former college professor Dr. Charles Long (if you have need of any therapy and you're in San Diego, look him up in the phone book. He's good at his job, and I state that from other friends I have recommended to him and as a former teacher and good friend). It was a fantastic way to get the day started, and I almost went hiking but I chose the lazy path and did nothing for nigh the entire afternoon. Towards the end of the evening I decided on a whim to watch My Fair Lady as I ate dinner, during which a brilliant idea for a story came to me and I of course not wanting it to flee my conscious memory I began writing it down. Now I wasn't able to write out the entire story, but there is enough there if I desire to go back and resume the story. My mother inquired while she was visiting me weeks ago why I write so many things at the same time, she thinking that having my attention divided between so many things was counter-productive. I can't really remember how I responded to her query, but for me writing in general is a wonderful release particularly in the creating stages before I actually begin penning words and dialog. I also like to do multiple stories at a time so I don't get burnt out on any one story, and thus my creativity flows constantly rather than in long or short spurts. There are times I have to focus my attention on something more so than other things, but there are always multiple things stewing in my head. Despite having a job and essentially all of my needs provided for, I sigh upon the thought of returning to work tomorrow. Well, I guess someone has to do it. Some songs below from the film that I rather enjoy from the beauty of the English language to the prudery of British elite social society from the Victorian era.

My Fair Lady "Why Can't the English Learn To Speak?"

My Fair Lady "Ascott Opening Day."

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