Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"I Shall Become A Count."

So after my rather curt and abrupt post last night I am feeling much, much better, although the stress still remains on me. I hate it when something that is supposed to work doesn't work for any reason whatsoever, and that despite all kinds of hard work and effort that you try to ascertain as to the whys and wherefores of why it is not working nothing proves efficacious. So last night along with the stress from my work weekend compounding the matter, I just was about ready to pull my hair out. Some advice to all of you consumers out there; never, ever, ever purchase any Samsung Blu-ray player. They are slow, and have a poor connection to the internet, and never purchase anything electronic through Amazon.com; I have had problems with everything electronic based that I have gotten from off that website. Safe yourself from accumulating some potential gray hairs and loss of years for life and go to a store, or make certain that wherever you purchase said electronic device doesn't give you a lemon. So a bright spot to all of that; I have finally signed off on the text block for the second edition of my first book The Curse of a Warrior. The next phase will be to work with a cover artist to come up with the design for the cover, which I have found was always fun. Today was pure relaxation and laziness with a little bit of apartment work thrown in, which I thought was okay after the long weekend that I had. With the state of the job market in the United States, and especially in California I shouldn't really complain since I have a job and all of my needs provided for and I am in relatively good health (aside from the stress). However, having severely emotionally disturbed children yell and scream at you and occasionally hit and throw things at you and are essentially unpleasant the entire time while you are seemingly the only person dealing with all of the crises whenever they happen with very little support, it can be extraordinarily draining and as I mentioned previously I am getting quite burnt out. Therefore writing takes a back seat when I'm stressed because I can't focus, and so my job affects more then my mood. I think it might be time for me to seriously consider a different job and a different field; mental health (especially in California) is becoming a draining pain in the neck after doing it for almost over four years. I don't know how other people do it. I am going to enjoy these days off and rejuvenate, but hopefully I can also get some writing done as well; it won't be my priority though likely. Watched The Count of Monte Cristo for dinner and it was nice to see it again, but I found myself frequently bored with it like I never had before. I like a lot of things about it, particularly the performances of Guy Pearce, Jim Caviezel, Richard Harris (which this was sadly his last major motion picture that he was in before he died of cancer) and James Frain; it was weird to see Henry Cavill as a young man. Anyways, I hope all of you are having a less stressful week and time at work than myself.

The Count of Monte Cristo Trailer

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