Thursday, May 24, 2012

"I am The Red Dragon."

"A red breasted robin in a cage puts all Heaven in a rage." Yes I watched Red Dragon and yes I love that film along with Silence of the Lambs and as sad as it was that Hannibal and Hannibal Rising weren't as good, Doctor Hannibal Lecter will always be immeasurably fascinating to me. Of course it made excellent dinner viewing what with cannibalism and a crazy man thinking that he is becoming a dragon while biting people. I did boring stuff like laundry and run errands today, nothing overly exciting. I thought about doing some writing once again but decided to watch Game of Thrones instead. I'm starting to catch up due to a set of fortuitous circumstances. I've watched the first to episodes of season 2 so far, and I noticed something interesting and disturbing; the author is obsessed almost with sexual incestuous relationships, not to mention lurid sex as well. It popped up in the first season twice, and it seems to be kicking off the second season as well as well as the lurid sex. George R.R. Martin would be a very intriguing individual to psychoanalyze. Once again Tyrion is an engaging and the best character so far, although Rob Stark is also to my liking as well. I used to like John Snow, but his self-righteous do-good, honorable perspective is beginning to irritate me and come off as obnoxious. We'll see what the rest of the season has to offer. Since we're kind of on the topic of cinema sex, I was watching a documentary that came with Rome and I watched it last night after the second episode. Apparently, back around 60 B.C.E. and around that era anything was sexually permissible as long as you were the dominant participant (for males), especially if you were of a high ranking family which was where most of the power was before the reign of Emperor Caesar Augustus (Octavian). There was no such thing as monogamy apparently also as well; people thought that sex was just another impulse that one satisfied like eating or sleeping and though nothing of it. Now there were of course social guidelines for such behavior, but I find it fascinating that a good deal of western society used to be like that, and then it became all about monogamous marriage. Doesn't seem to be doing so well right now though, does it? Some food for thought. Anyways the days off have come and gone and so has the week and May still isn't over yet. Good grief. Well, here's hoping that the next few days will go very well.

Documentary on Danny Elfman Scoring Red Dragon

Rome Documentary on "The Women of Rome"

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