Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

To all of you hard, and good working mothers I salute you on this day as I know all too well what you go through on a daily basis. Although I didn't verbally speak with my mother, I did text her while I was at work, and of course I sent her some fancy chocolate, and two of my sisters also sent her flowers and a Kindle gift card so I think between all of us we did pretty good. Despite having only one other person working with me, things went fairly smooth. It certainly started off with a bang. I was outside at the facility walking with the SED's when I spotted a huge black and brown snake which I immediately thought was a rattle snake, but it turned out to be a King Snake. It still scared me half to death though; that bloody thing was huge, and thick. Three of the SED's had blow out tantrums, but all of them recovered quickly and did well for the rest of the night with the exception of one of them who is just a stubbornly difficult SED constantly. I wanted to pull my hair out, and I don't know how many times I had to restrain myself from shouting or raising my voice. This job truly is turning me into Mr. Scrooge (that wonderful character I played in high school; lot't of fun besides a failed back flip attempt. My head still gets sore thinking about it.). Well thank goodness I have my days off fast approaching; good luck to all you who are just starting your work week; I do not envy you.

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