Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting Warmer.

Not only does May seem like it is lasting quite a long, boorish time, but the heat seems to be going up a whole lot. I used to get back from work at night and my apartment would be comfortable; now I step in and it's like stepping into a heater of sorts. I suppose summer is getting close, but hopefully it won't be too scorching this soon. A couple days ago, or rather yesterday I believe sometime, Chen Guangcheng safely landed in New York City I believe with his immediate family for studying purposes from what I understand. Fortunately the U.S. State Department didn't botch the overall matter thankfully, and now this Chinese dissident can do what he does, hopefully without any fear of what could happen to his extended family back in China, or unless China has agents in the U.S. to silence him if he starts talking about what life is really like in China. Best of luck to him and his family. Work went relatively well today with only one major problem and minor irritants throughout. And that's that. I am so ready for my days off.

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