Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crossing The Rubicon.

Thank the maker I am feeling much better, although I sounded dreadful. I suppose after 50 million cups of tea and water along with rest and trying to remain stress less does help perhaps. Work was essentially a wonderful breeze today thankfully. I had good help, and aside from one of the SED's having a minor meltdown, from which he eventually recovered from, all of them were pretty chill. The incompetent co-worker that I was usually working with has been put elsewhere which has been nothing but sweet music to my ears. My job is much easier when I work with people who actually work and know what they are doing; imagine that. As for crossing the famed Italian river, I began watching the HBO series Rome. It seems interesting so far with some good characters and I'm curious to see where they will take the story and characters, but not a bad beginning so far. Half-way through the work week. Hope all of you continue, or attempt to have a good weekend.

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