Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cookie for the Guy?

Today I rather took it easy and slept in later then I would have preferred, but it was nice. As a matter fact most of the day was relaxing and chilling though the notion of writing more than once crossed my mind, yet that is as far as it got before it vanished. Feeling kind of hungry for something sweet and being low on food supplies, I decided to make some molasses cookies. You see my grandmother (my father's stepmother) made the most delicious, most amazing molasses cookies (along with the best homemade applesauce) and I thought that it was about time to duplicate her success. This time around the cookies came out chewy unlike before when they were quite crunchy, but they lacked the...fluffy tenderness that the cookies my grandmother made. Eventually I hope to duplicate those cookies, but to all of you kids out there be certain that if your grandparents cook anything that you love, be sure that they teach you and eventually give you the recipe. God knows where the recipe went that my grandmother used, which is very sad. Aside from all of that, the cookies were quite delicious and relatively easy to make and cheap to make as well (the ingredients can make many, many batches once you have everything you need). I watched more Rome and will soon be getting into the Antony and Cleopatra story, which will be quite interesting. I have a profound new respect for a character the series brought to light; Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, who was something of Octavian's (Caesar Augustus) right hand man and fine general. I think the series romanticizes him more than he was, but I have a feeling it wasn't too far from the truth. Well that's it for tonight; tomorrow I have training for work instead of going to my actual place of employment so that should

For all of you who don't know the countries of the world this is a real hoot, and for those who do...well it is still a hoot.

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