Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Bit of A Hike.

Once more where did the day go? I went hiking with a co-worker and had a lovely time after I got up in the morning, and then I did some stuff around the apartment before leaving for a client's birthday party at work, for whom I mad the key lime cheescake for (which was a great success). Came back home once more, made myself some dinner and watched a few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation before cleaning the kitchen and reading the newspaper. All in all this week has been busy, but very uneventful. It almost seems normal to be this busy with such mundane things. Since I didn't have much of a block of time to write on any days this week that I had off I wasn't able to get any writing done sadly. Life would be so much more simpler if I was a full time writer. One day soon enough. Heard back from the publisher promptly and once I've checked over the fifth revision of the textblock for the second edition of The Curse of a Warrior will move onto whatever comes next. The dude sent me a long summation of the next processes, but I was a little too tired to read all of it, or not really awake since that was this morning. To work again tomorrow, and let's hope that this week has far less stress than last week.

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