Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Awakening in Rome.

What was significant about today? Nothing really as it was just another day. I found myself constantly busy and occupied with all manner of things, but none of them involved writing of any sort oddly enough. I had a lengthy conversation with one of my sisters that I wasn't expecting, which was odd considering how little we chat, and have spoken over the years. It was a pleasant conversation surprisingly enough that lasted a little over an hour. I also got a much later start to the day then I was anticipating; I just didn't want to get out of bed. On a small trip to Target today I got Underworld: Awakening on Blu-ray and watched it during dinner. It was as I remembered. The image was quite clear and crisp, the action well done, the story interesting, and the characters mildly compelling. I was irritated though about the length of the film; it was less than an hour and a half in running time. They could have developed everything so much more if they had simply added another 30 minutes to the film of character and plot development and showed more of the world and environment that they had created. Oh well, perhaps they will improve on the fifth film whenever they come out with it. I made a key lime cheesecake tonight and it turned out alright. The last one I made was underdone, and this one was a little overdone; I can't win! I hate my oven. I watched some more of the HBO series Rome, and it is actually beginning to pick up some traction as season 1 continues. The characters are growing on me, and favorites are beginning to appear; the young boy who plays Octavian (who later becomes the first true Roman Emperor). Clever and witty, he shows intelligence and cunning does it all so effortlessly. It should be interesting to see where the rest of the season goes and how it leads into season 2. Well my mind is beginning to go blank so I'm going to sign off before I write something ridiculous, or more so than I already possibly have.

Rome Opening Credits

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