Monday, May 7, 2012

Attacked by a Bush.

Usually at work I am assaulted by crazy kids and what not, but every now and then that elusive tree or shrub jumps out and gets me. After I was done with my writing group, I was returning to get something from the room I had it in and on my way out I hurried past this one bush which then proceeded to grab hold of my pants and as I went forward it pulled me back thus ripping my pants down, down the leg and tripping me as well. To say that you could see my boxers is apt enough description of the damage. I had to use a lot of tape of staples to get it to stay for the rest of the night, although I had to redo the tape because I had wrapped it around my leg too tightly and was cutting off the circulation to my blood. That was my adventure for the day, which was calm mostly aside from the occasional moment of anger from different SED's. So with that said I am going to enjoy my days off and get some sleep.

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