Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are You Lost?

Happy birthday to my eldest sister Christina, who turned 31 today and seemed to be in the best of spirits when I called and wished her well. May she have many more. We spent over 2 hours chatting on the phone, so a good portion of my afternoon was spent that way. I almost did some writing, but my conversation with my sister went longer than I had expected that it was going to, so I did nothing except relax and some occasional apartment clean up. It essentially constituted a rather boring day. I just finished watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones season 2 where King's Landing is assaulted. I was unfortunately disappointed with the outcome, but the story must be told how it is in the books I guess. I was surprised as the entire episode focused solely on that and didn't go to any other place. Well, tonight I also watched a film by Sofia Coppola called Lost In Translation. It starred Billy Murray and Scarlett Johansson. So it begins with Billy Murray who is shooting some ads in Tokyo, Japan and Scarlett Johansson is there with her newlywed husband who is a photographer shooting a band. Together they meet because they are in the same hotel, and not only do they have the language barrier to contend with in Japan, but also a barrier within their lives that they are each attempting to sort out. The performances by both of them were great, but the story and plot were very boring. There were moments when the dialog was quite witty and even very humorous, but most of the time it was just flat and highly boring. She attempted to film great cinematography in Japan, and at times she accomplished it with good style, but to me most of what was shown was very linear and not dynamic whatsoever. She has a long ways to go before she becomes a good filmmaker, but she is on her way. I won't compare her to her father, but he is better than she is. I wouldn't recommend the film to anyone and I would be stretching if I was to give it anything but a "Poor Ability." I was constantly distracted and was aching for it to be over when there was still a good portion of the film left, I think I might have even checked out and was doing something else while the last bit was ending. On a more serious note, if you heard of the appalling massacre (in addition to what has been already going occurring daily) that Assad's forces carried out in Syria you should be angry and demanding that he be removed from power along with the rest of his henchmen. However, if you are Kofi Annan, the U.N., China, and Russia then you are surprised and issuing a "shocking" utterance of dismay. China and Russia, along with the U.N. are the reasons that Assad remains in power, and if the rest of the world want's to start saving lives and getting people their liberty then they need to push China and Russia aside and inform Kofi Annan and the U.N. to shut their mouths or do something useful, perhaps threatening Syria with a complete trade and financial embargo on a global scale. I feel very personally about this issue which is why I am utilizing such forceful language; perhaps if such language was used more often tyrants would respond differently, especially when that language is backed up by force. So I pray for the people in Syria who are suffering, as should the entire world. Tyrants rule and win when people do nothing, and remember that modern day dictators always begin as meaning politicians.

Lost In Translation Trailer

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