Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And it Came Back With a Vengeance!

Yes folks, film goers, films fans, action buffs, geeks and freaks of all kinds summer blockbuster 2012 has begun at last! And what a way to kick it off beginning with The Avengers we have huge success already and it has only been a mere matter of days and it is raking in an extraordinary amount of cash so far. It is most likely going to be the only real moneymaker for this month's batch of perspective blockbuster contenders which includes: Dark Shadows (released this Friday 11th), Battleship (May 18th), and Men In Black 3 (May 25th). I enjoyed the film a lot, it was well done, and I gave it the highest rating I have. In my humblest opinion, it is the best comic book film ever, with the exception of Christopher Nolan's work with Batman which doesn't compare to this film, not to mention one is Marvel the other is DC. I highly recommend this film to everyone to watch, and I also suggest remaining in the theatre until ALL of the credits are over. The humor was great and witty, there was drama, and the action was so awesome while being dynamic with well done digital effects from ILM which of course is a given. So go see it, and if you don't see it in 3-D you won't miss out on the experience, at least I think. I saw it that way, but nothing really popped out. You see everyone apparently has their own philosophy when it comes for 3-D. George Lucas likes it to add depth to the background and foregrounds of the screen. Christopher Nolan doesn't like 3-D. And I'm not certain about other directors, but so far Tim Burton and James Cameron have used it the most effectively and the way I prefer it to be done. I believe that 3-D should immerse the viewer completely all of the time during the film; I cannot stress a fully, 100% immersive experience for this medium to be successful. I just wish more filmmakers would use it that way instead of as a gimmick, or to do gimmicky things with it in a film. So I did that today, and just right now finished emailing my print manager another round of edits that he needs to adjust to my book format before it moves onto the next phase. I swear these publisher people run on a very odd schedule; slower than dead people. The rest of my day was filled with uneventful happenings. I enjoyed my first day off though, and would like a whole week of this before going back to work again, but alas that will not happen. Have a lovely day tomorrow everyone.

Clone Wars Season 5 Teaser

Marvel Summation of leading up to The Avengers

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