Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ah, That Sinking Feeling.

It sucks sometimes not having more than 24 hrs in one day. You do what you can I suppose one day and the rest in the other days. So I connived myself to get up this morning and go see an early showing of Battleship which was surprisingly entertaining despite the horrid dialog most of the time, but the action sequences were astounding and the story wasn't too bad, but very un-original and trite; yuck!  But if you want a good time and don't care about technical details like dialog and well polished writing and acting, then you will love this film. I gave it an "Admirable Ability" as it could have been far better obviously, yet it could have also been quite worse than it actually was. The rest of the day was filled with relaxing and apartment work which never seems to go away, and I made some banana bread for a dinner party tomorrow evening. Oh, and I emailed my print manager the okay for the hardcover so hopefully the next set of emails I get will begin my journey with working with a cover designer and getting this edition completed so I can move onto book 2. I don't know why publishers move at the speed of ridiculously slow. I can't really say that much else happened and I didn't get an opportunity to write today or do one other major thing that I was hoping to do but because of my dumb memory I lacked the necessary....stuff to carry out the task. I really need that 2 week vacation to the Bahamas.

Battleship Featurette

Skyfall Trailer for the New "James Bond" Film. Looks great!

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