Friday, May 18, 2012

Ah, Neighbors.

There is nothing like an old woman screaming at children at 10pm at night to calm the mood while reading the newspaper and watching the news. There I was watching Star Trek and then all of a sudden a big "wham" came from behind me. The goons that live on the other side of me, God knows what they were doing, or why children are up so late at night. That woman (the mother has no control over her children, or very little). One day one of the children said they were going to slap someone in the face if that individual didn't shut up. Isn't it great what the future generations are learning about resolving conflict. I keep going back and forth about moving, and just when I think I won't move my neighbors are at it again sounding like a herd of dumb hyenas. Well, work went very well today. I kept very busy putting stuff together and cleaning up since there was an audit at our facility. The SED's behaved relatively well surprisingly, and hopefully that trend will continue throughout the weekend. After that I did nothing much besides relax. My Blu-ray player still doesn't allow me to stream Netflix through it, and Samsung states that I have to contact them directly in order to figure something out. Most likely will have to send it to them to fix; isn't that just prime I buy something and it being just over a year old won't function like it is supposed to because of some software glitch. Very, very, very bad technical design. I warrant caution when purchasing Samsung Blu-ray players, although I haven't had any difficulties yet with my television or sound system, but I will keep all of you posted just in case. If that happens then I will recommend a complete boycott of anything and everything the company makes. Isn't my life just filled with the most ridiculous problems. (That was sarcasm). I do constantly thank God for everything I have and how much wealth I have in comparison to most of the other people in the world. Thought all of you might like to see the poster for the new James Bond film "Skyfall" and the trailer below is for an interesting film that I thought all of you might find intriguing.

The Good Doctor Trailer

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