Monday, April 16, 2012

"We Like To Hike!!!"

It was actually a rather busy day, much more than I had originally anticipated it was going to be, but that's life I suppose. My mother and went hiking after having a lovely breakfast/lunch at The Omlette Factory. The hike was nice, although it was a bit desert like for most of it and it was rather hot out. Fortunately though I had my umbrella with me to keep the sun off of me, but mi madre was not as careful and therefore got a little....lobster like since she is from the midwestern U.S. We went and did some shopping after that, at one point we went to look at suits for my sister's wedding and my mother found one she liked that met my sister's criteria. I then sent her a picture and she seemed to like it, so I am going to have some sort of fitting this Thursday and find out if I really want it after I try it on. Finally we got back to my apartment and relaxed for a bit, and then I made chicken fajitas and they came out of course quite deliciously. We  then watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. It is actually getting better, or rather more to my liking the more times I see it, but I still like the first part more. I made a key lime cheesecake and it looks like it turned out rather good, but tomorrow I shall taste it and see. Well, I think I might get some sleep and hopefully not wake up to the sounds of something being slammed shut, or sunlight bursting through the windows. I am immensely enjoying my vacation and thinking of the fact that I will not be returning to work until a week from yesterday! Doing nothing has never felt so wonderful.

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