Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trailing Along.

Well today was rather lovely, with very few problems at all. My mother and I went hiking again today, except this time I brought my camera. Despite not having a lot of moments to take good pictures I tried; it's difficult when everything is essentially brown and dry. It was a rather nice hike, which I wish could have been longer but my mother isn't really up for long hikes I guess, regardless of the ease of which this one could have been done at. I posted some select shots below. After that we went and I got fitted for a suit that I will be wearing to my sister Paula's wedding this November. I have to admit that it looked fairly good on me, despite not being a huge fan of grey, but it is nice to have a suit that actually fits me after all of these years of me swimming in the coat and the pants. It cost a pretty penny, but I would have spent something akin to what I did purchasing the suit even if I was just renting it. I can check that off of my list of things to do for this year, and the individuals fitting me was very helpful offering me advice about how to dress when wearing the suit. The belt and the shoes are supposed to match, and the socks are supposed to be the same color (as much as can be) of the pants because it is something similar to an extension of the pants. There were a few other little details, but I can't remember them at the moment except when wearing a blue tie and or shirt, wear brown shoes. Red tie and shirt, ox blood color shoes, I think I remembered that all correctly. I'm not very useful for fashion tips as I rely on my sister Paula for such things, and my mother helped me with picking the right cut for the suit or something like that. I was the body and the money. The rest of the day pretty much involved me writing and working on two projects. I am working on the second part of my story The Tale of 3 Brothers and figuring out how I am going to wrap up my Modern Warfare Series and get all of the story lines to connect with each other. I think I spent about six hours or so working on all of that, although much of it was spent on getting ready to write the future prospective stories than the actual stories themselves. That will come soon enough. When I began writing this new fantasy epic I was envisioning, I suddenly remembered that I should finish something I started before going onto something else, and technically I really should finish that Victorian British high society family story before continuing with  but alas I'm not. As I was going back and reading over some of the stories I forgot how grisly I wrote some parts of The Tale of 3 Brothers; it will need some fixing up but the core of the story that is there is excellent. I'm going to briefly get my soap box out and yack about Syria again for a little bit. The U.N. posted peace watchers or whatever they're called to keep an eye on Assad's forces from further butchering the Syrian people. However, when Assad's forces opened fire on protesters, the U.N. people turned tail and ran away. Good work, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and U.N. Special Envoy Kofi Anan, you've proved that the U.N. can do nothing but watch, talk, admonish, and then run. I really hope some people with some sense step in and do something to diffuse that situation and get that maniac out of power, and or at least protect the  men, women, and children that are relentlessly being slaughtered. I'm done now. Ya'll now try to sleep well, alright.

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