Wednesday, April 11, 2012

That's Just Prime.

Today was completely unproductive, and I was ridiculously lazy and doing useless things for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I even got up earlier than normal, but that didn't seem to help much. I actually sat down to write twice and both instances I didn't; apparently I've hit some sort of roadblock in which I do not desire that much to write. This of course annoys me because I need to write to keep my website up to date and keep my writings skills brushed up. That might be the problem though; I'm writing because I have to, yet there isn't really much of a reward or incentive for all of the time and work that I put into any of my writing. I actually have yet to come across any form of financial benefits from any of the writing that I have done. Life sucks, especially when you continue to work really hard and seemingly get nowhere. I suppose before one makes the money, one has to put in the time and effort to acquire skills and other.....things. Anyways. I watched a lot of Transformers Prime today, and I am actually quite delighted how well done not only the animation is, but the characters, plots, stories, and even the music is. Brian Tyler did the music for season 1, and the main theme is amazing! Similar to the theme from the live action films, but different enough to carry its own musical independence. I know that it is a cartoon, but hey that format has some of the greatest versatility for storytelling and thus can be even more entertaining. I went to a goodbye party today for one of the SED's. She actually has a positive story going for her at the moment, which I hope continues as she grows. She got adopted by a wonderful woman (from what I  can tell) and it looks as if she is going to have a good new life. She will be missed, but her new life is going to be even better for her. These are the moments that make my job worth it all; when the kids get some happy endings, which they do indeed deserve. Well, I'm going to watch some Frasier and then get some sleep. Should read that one book, but eh, I can do that tomorrow.

Transformers Prime Main Theme

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