Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saving the Dummies.

Unfortunately I didn't have the complete day off. I had First Aid/ CPR training bright and early at 8am and it lasted four hours. So I learned about how to resuscitate someone, splint people up, how to treat burns, and of course how to clear an airway properly. The instructor was very, very odd; she laughed at the most uncomfortable things, and made some really odd jokes and laughed at the strangest things. She knew her stuff well, but wow; what a weird woman. Fortunately that was a way to get some additional hours in for my wonderful pay check. The rest of the day was filled with apartment work, exercise, and some leisure. I had to catch up on everything since my mother's departure and get back to my old routine. During dinner I decided to watch this one film on my Netflix queue called Glorious 39 which is about a British family that deals with the troubles of going to war in 1939 with Germany. It is a British made film with an extraordinary British cast of course, which is what drew me to it. I saw that Billy Nighy was in it and then I knew that I had to see the film. It was a huge plus to find out that Christopher Lee, David Tennant, Jeremy Northam, and Eddie Redmayne were in it as well. Romola Garai played Anne (the main character) and she did a rather splendid job. At first I thought that the film was going to be a drama about the man she loves, but then I thought it was going to be a psychotic drama with Anne seemingly going mad, but it essentially turned out to be a suspense story of sorts with a rather tepid ending, which was disappointing. It's difficult to explain the plot of the film without giving anything away, but let me say that there were people in Britain that didn't want war with Germany because they believed Britain could lose. Therefore they pursued peace at any price to avert war. It is a rather intriguing idea for a film, and one that I hope was only fictional; I really hope that none of the British people would have done anything similar to what happened in the film. I'll give the film an "Admirable Ability;" it was good, but not great or necessarily worth watching again despite it's rather interesting premise. On that note it is time to sign off. Let's see if I can get any writing done tomorrow.

Glorious 39 Trailer

New trailer for Brave. Looks amusing enough, and mildly interesting, but we shall see.

Latest G.I. JOE: Retaliation trailer. Looks good, but with "The Rock" and Bruce Willis in it, I'm a little nervous about the overall feel of it. I'm disappointed that some of the better actors and actresses will not be returning for the sequel. It's a shame. Oh well, it is only a film after all.

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