Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Salmon Eating.

The first part of the day went by either really fast and I can't remember anything, or really slowly so that there wasn't anything to remember. I was doing a lot of tinkering with my computers, which I think is what I did most of the afternoon and I played this old computer game Nox after testing it to see if it would work on my new laptop computer. That was a lot of fun for a while before I moved on to something else. I should have written film reviews for Hugo and Wrath of the Titans but I just didn't get around to it. I also did some....bug cleaning work. I think I might have found out how they get into my apartment via a big gaping hole behind my oven. Needless to say I blocked the hole (after spraying bug poison all around the vicinity) and so hopefully now the bugs will stop coming, especially the big ones. For the evening, I and three co-workers and friends had dinner at my friend Heather's house and she made salmon, vegetables, and rice. Oh my goodness it was divine. I love salmon so much, and I think it is a comfort food for me. One of my other friends, Adrienne, brought cheesecake which was scrumptious. My tummy at the end of the night was content and very full (I had a big piece of salmon). The company and conversation were wonderful, and it made for an exceedingly excellent time. So tomorrow I have to do that writing and get everything done before I resume my work week once more.

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