Thursday, April 12, 2012

Panama & Panic.

First things first, when you see that a film has Brendan Gleeson, Geoffrey Rush, Pierce Brosnan, and Jamie Lee Curtis you think to yourself that it is going to be a great film. However, The Tailor of Panama didn't really deliver as a really good film. I suspect that the book that it is based off of, written of course by John le Carre, is much better than the film despite the author's involvement in creation of the picture. Geoffrey Rush had a great performance with his character and he came across as very likable and well done. It was interesting to see Pierce Brosnan in a role that was almost villainous. Jamie Lee Curtis was good of course, but had a small role as did Brendan Gleeson (whose character I did not like that much, although I had to do a double take to see that it was him). The film was very slow (like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy) but didn't have the intrigue or the excellent range of actors and a very good screenplay. It was mildly entertaining with a rather interesting plot, but other than that The Tailor of Panama was a very boring film that wouldn't be per se worth watching again. I am therefore giving it a "Yearning Ability." As for the rest of the day it was rather uninteresting. I had a very long conversation with my sister Paula as she had a lot of stuff to share with me and get my opinion on. I also began reading through what my print manager sent me for the format of the second edition of The Curse of a Warrior and apparently someone screwed up and sent me the wrong version so I had to email the dude and tell him or someone to get it right and hopefully it will not take them that long to do so. Other than that my day was quite boring. I have to admit that my publisher is getting rather on my nerves with their frequent difficulties with getting my book out; I suppose as long as it gets done I wont throw too much of a fit. Back to work once more tomorrow, but then my vacation is here! I am relieved and immensely happy, but all I have to do is survive tomorrow.

Tailor of Panama Trailer

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