Friday, April 27, 2012

The Painted Ceilings.

So work began rather bright and early today. Getting the SED's ready for school was....but a joy and a half. The morning didn't go according entirely to what I would have preferred, but resourcefulness is one of my many talents. I painted parts of the ceiling in the cottage finally after many, many weeks of trying to get around to doing it. I forgot how long it took or how much paint was needed since I haven't done it in such a long time, having done general construction work before. The rest of the day went by well, although I had shoes, a bucket of toy soldiers, paper, and other things hurled at me, oh and I had a door slammed against my foot. To top it all off, a rattlesnake was found at our facility but fortunately no one was least I think that was fortunate. Can't say anything else about the day except that I did my usual routine when I got back to my apartment, and upon checking my email I found that my publisher finally emailed me about the second edition of my first book. Now I have to sort through all of that, but I will do that tomorrow. Now I rest.

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